To improve the CHI conference, would you share which talks you attended?

I’m having a great time at CHI (including my first time two-stepping today) but I strongly believe, as Jonathan Grudin asserted today, that we can make use of data to improve the conference.  I’ve already analyzed historical data that demonstrates that we can substantially reduce reviewer workload.  We’ve also created a way you can use [...]

For CHI 2012: Discussion Forums in the Document Margins

Would you like some feedback on your CHI paper?  We’ve set up a site to let people read and comment on it.
On Wednesday at CHI, we’ll be presenting our paper on nb, a discussion forum situated in the margins of documents being discussed.  Its original intended usage was for discussion of classroom lecture notes, but [...]

Allocating CHI reviewers, a sequel

Last year I used an analysis of CHI review data to argue that we could save a lot of reviewers’ time on low quality papers by modiyfing our review process.  With all the current talk of the value of replication, I figured it was worth testing the same procedure with this year’s review data, which [...]

Forums in the Document Margins for Classes and Reading Groups

This year at CHI we’ll be presenting a paper on nb, a tool that lets students have forum-style threaded discussions in the margins of pdf documents.  We’ve posted it in advance at the link above in hopes of getting some comments on it that can help us prepare our presentation.  We’re also making nb available [...]