CIKM 2011 Keynote: User Interfaces that Entice People to Manage Better Information

Today I gave a keynote at CIKM 2011.  I argued that in addition to all our work on tools the process information for users, we should also be looking at tools that make people better able to apply their innate information processing talents for themselves.  I talked about the following tools that reflext that idea, all of which are available for you to try out on the web:
  •, a note-taking tool for information scraps capture
  • Nb for social annotation/discussion of class lecture notes
  • Feedme for social content sharing
  • Exhibit for publishing interactive structured data visualizations without programming, just by writing some HTML
  • Datapress for doing so in a Wordpress blog
  • Wibit for doing so in a Wiki
  • Dido, a WYSIWYG document editor for Exhibit

Slides of the talk can be found here.

One Response to “CIKM 2011 Keynote: User Interfaces that Entice People to Manage Better Information”

  • Lars Ludwig says:

    Interesting presentation. Still, I think these are too many distinct tools for personal information / communication. Splitting personal information and communication across many applications isn’t a good idea after all. And this at a time, when the peculiar/backward app dogma can be foreseen to vanish due to personal assistents. Not enough vision for me in this presentation.