Seeking Users for Two Knight News Challenge Projects

We’ve gotten the news that both our Knight News Challenge proposals have made it through the first round.   Both projects propose to deploy systems that we think will be useful to bloggers of all sorts, but particularly of a journalistic bent.  I’m continuing to seek users interested in alpha testing these tools.  That means you get to run into all the problems nobody’s seen before, but also means that you get to impact our work by telling us which problems bug you the most.

The first project, Datapress, is a wordpress plugin that brings our Exhibit framework into your blog, so you can add rich data visualizations to your blog posts using the same old WYSIWYG editor you’ve been using so far.  I blogged about it here. The second, Tipsy, is a tool for collecting voluntary micro-donations from the people who consume content from your blog.  Blog post here.  Please, follow the links to take a look at the proposals (and comment upon them favorably!).  And if you’re interested in trying out either tool, send me an email.  Please also spread the word to others who might be interested.

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