Introducing Facebook’s FIRST!!!1 Button

I argued a few weeks ago that Facebook’s Like button got the incentives and multiplicities wrong, leading to a social experience that feels very isolating. There are simply too many sites for us to Like, and too few of my friends doing the Liking. Well, let’s adjust those incentives.

I’d like to introduce you to my prototype revised Like button, the FIRST!!!1 button:

FIRST! button

For any of you who can’t see the image, that’s right — just change the word ‘Like’ to ‘First!!!1′.

Changing the game from “do my friends want to see this?” to “did I see this before any of my other friends got here?” will work much better, methinks. Now it’s actually a good thing if none of your friends have Liked the page yet. What’s more, you get implicit cool points for being on the bleeding edge of Internet culture. Think of what it would mean if you were the first, second, or third person in your entire social network to have Liked the Rickroll video.

Alright, who’s going to FIRST!!!1 in the comments?

9 Responses to “Introducing Facebook’s FIRST!!!1 Button”

  • Me Myself and I says:


  • Congrats! …your IP says you’re from the Netherlands? Neat!

  • Vlad says:


    But won’t this button encourage users to come across as even MORE self-important? ;)

  • So is this a button we can use to promote contest on our webpages or will it be for Facebook alone?

  • Taking this seriously -

    So, it’s an incentive for the first person to click, but isn’t it a disincentive for everyone else? How much do people want to be second, or third, or later?

    What would be cool is if the UI you get were customized to you. Say, if you’re an early adopter, you’d get a “First!!1″ button, but if you’re a late adopter, you’d see a “17 of your friends like this. Like?” button. I figure Facebook has enough information to make a good guess about which one you are, past on your past “like”-button clicking behavior.

  • Yes, taking it seriously, as stated it would be a disincentive to the rest of the people. But there are interesting ways to deal with that. For instance, in Collabio we showed that you could use gamelike mechanisms to incentivize a social network too. So, you could imagine a points scheme where you get more points the earlier you are in the parade, and the more people who come after you. That kind of thing.

    Even without points, as you suggest, you could show the first few people who liked it. Don’t forget that even though you may not be the first of your friends, you may be the first person in someone else’s social network…

  • deecko says:

    hahah NICE!!!1

  • That is a great incentive to subscribe to a feed and hawkishly watch your streams each day!

  • sigit says:

    haha.. in Indonesia, there is a term called PERTAMAX!
    so many people are compete to post this term when they comment on blog, forum, etc…