Who Gives A Tweet?

Ever wondered what people think of your tweets?
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We just launched Who Gives A Tweet, along with researchers at the University of Southampton and Georgia Tech. Go check it out!
The idea is simple: we’ll grab some of your tweets, and farm them out both to your friends and to other folks on the [...]

Narrowcasting and the Facebook News Feed

I call it “Regression to the LOLCat”: when our friends and followers on Facebook are split across high school, college, sports teams, and professional life, it’s tough to find content to post that will satisfy them all. We either develop niches (like posting professional items on Twitter and personal items on Facebook), or post content [...]

Lottery-Based Micropatronage

Some time ago we began simmering a system called Tipsy that helps web users make voluntary micro-contributions to the content creators whose work they consume.   It picked up steam when we started sharing ideas with Doc Searls.  Since Doc mentioned it in a blog post yesterday, I thought it worth providing a bit more detail [...]

You are a fighter pilot in personal information space: Situational Awareness & PIM

While Situational Awareness (SA) theory [] has primarily been applied to analyzing how people act in highly time-critical military and industrial roles, such as how fighter pilots assess their aerial and tactical situations to decide what maneuvers to make, it may also serve as a useful theoretical model to inform the design of future personal [...]

Data by the people, for the people

Inspired by danah boyd, I decided to create a crib of my talk at HarambeeNet 2010. It discusses the boundaries between data and people, as well as our recent work on the Soylent project. Please let me know any feedback you have!
HarambeeNet: Data by the people, for the people
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Data by the [...]

Introducing Facebook’s FIRST!!!1 Button

I argued a few weeks ago that Facebook’s Like button got the incentives and multiplicities wrong, leading to a social experience that feels very isolating. There are simply too many sites for us to Like, and too few of my friends doing the Liking. Well, let’s adjust those incentives.
I’d like to introduce you to [...]