Happy New Year; It’s Week 53 in Norway

“We’ll resume our regular schedule in Week 18.” I should ask you non-Norwegians: did you ever use week numbers for anything? I probably haven’t since middle school, when our lives revolved around the official holiday calendar for public schools and kindergartens in the Bergen municipality. Either way, it appears that Microsoft Outlook will show you week numbers if you ask nicely. Unfortunately there seems to be more than one way to count weeks, and until today, I never knew which one was “right”…

As it turns out (beware the Google Translate), Norwegian calendarists require every week to have at least four days in it. This has some interesting consequences for the year of 2009, which contains 53 weeks, one more than the usual 52. Also, we’re still in week 53, even though it’s 2010. Week 1 will start on Monday (well, not in the US, where weeks start on Sundays anyway).

Some secondary consequences include problems for shift workers who are paid to work on odd weeks only (usually every other week, but now there’s Week 53 and Week 1 in succession), and streets going dark because the people who programmed the street lights never thought to define a schedule for Week 53.

3 Responses to “Happy New Year; It’s Week 53 in Norway”

  • Atle Iversen says:

    I’ve used week numbers in Outlook for years, and I must admit that I didn’t even notice that we’re still in week 53 (at least in Norway) :-) !!!

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    We have included a link to your research, but we’ve attributed it to the University of Southampton. I’ll make sure to add MIT also
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  • David Harrison says:

    Very useful thanks. I was already using the week numbers setting in Outlook, but couldn’t understand why me week number 1 began on the 28th of December, whereas my clients’ began on the 4th of January; now I do and have the work around!

  • Perfect SEo says:

    me also used the week numbers in outlook a few year ago but i did not found any interest in the daily routine so i have leaved it know. can you suggest why i can use it again ?