Announcing v0.4.0! v0.4.0
The team is proud to announce the release of version 0.4.0. We’ve been working hard on it and we’re ready to release it to you!
Most of these features were strongly influenced from feedback from our users. If you have any feedback of your own (feature suggestions, bug reports, questions, comments) please contact [...]

On transparency and social media in marketing

Posted a little less than a year ago (the video was uploaded May 05, 2008), this entertaining video has gotten over 5,000,000 plays and looks like a great viral video. It’s got quite a bit of appeal as we watch vaguely athletic 20-somethings jump (and land) in pairs of jeans in interesting ways. [...]

Making the Case for Raw Data

Tim Berners-Lee’s recent TED talk on Linked Data has inspired quite a few people to ask what exactly linked data is, how it differs from data on the semantic web, and how realistic it is to assume universal and unique addressability of data items. A world with linked data would be a world with richer, [...]