Study on note-taking nominated at CHI2009

We are very happy that our paper on a study of our note-taking tool,, which we conducted in September 2008 has received a nomination for best note at CHI 2009!

My co-investigators Michael Bernstein, Greg Vargas and Katrina Panovich and advisors David Karger and mc schraefel and I are very pleased at this nomination, and are looking forward to presenting it in April here in Boston.  We are meanwhile also working vigorously to design a follow-up study surrounding specific aspects of note-taking, mobility and retrieval.   We now have over 4,000 users and many have volunteered to let us study their note taking habits.

We would like to thank all of our study participants and those who have downloaded and use on a daily basis.  We also thank everyone who has used and given us feedback about ideas and areas for improvement.   As PIM tools are the most used tools in the everyday activities of our lives, we believe that this area is a fertile and important area for formal study and innovation.  We would also like to reach out to the numerous other researchers in HCI studying note taking and related areas in PIM to identify potential ways to run more effective studies and design future tools.

Our submission for our paper can be found here:
M. Van Kleek, M. Bernstein, K. Panovich, G. Vargas, D. Karger and mc schraefel. Note to Self: Examining Personal Information Keeping in a Lightweight Note-Taking Tool. Note, CHI 2009.

Please contact us if you have any comments or questions at listit at csail dot mit dot edu .

One Response to “Study on note-taking nominated at CHI2009”

  • Bruce Wilson says:

    citation for chi2009 paper?

    Hi, was the paper in a 2008 conference? why is it called Chi2009 and listed as a 2009 conference in the .pdf?

    thanks, nice program!

    PS Hi to David Karger – we used to live two doors down from his father.