Awards at ISWC

Here are a few projects that won awards at ISWC (Just a sampling of the one’s that most caught my eye. I’ve already lost track of which won what):

Michiel Hildebrand won for his work on effective interfaces for exploring “cultural heritage” (art and history) collections.

Sofia Angeletou won for her work on “semantically enriching folksonomies”—using a variety of techniques to detect and deal with tags having multiple meanings and concepts having multiple tags—in order to improve the effectiveness of tag-based retrieval and navigation. A talk is here.

Iyouit is social portal that collects information about you and shares it in various interesting ways.

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It expects you to share lots of different media types. It is location aware, tracking where you go and including that in the portal. Also other varieties of context.

Paggr is an web site that lets you visually construct powerful portals that integrate information from lots of rss and rdf feeds using powerful visualizations.  The demo was pretty neat but it isn’t publicly accessible yet.

Cathrin Weiss and Avi Bernstein got honorable mention in the high-performance challenge by implementing a highly responsive UI over a billion-tuple database running on an Iphone! It’s based on their hexastore database system. I haven’t found a link to the Iphone app yet.

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